Our Curriculum

Mathematics:  Algebra I, Algebra IA, Algebra IB, Geometry, Liberal Arts Math I, Liberal Arts Math II

2014 grad

Sciences:  Environmental Science, Biology, Anatomy & Physiology, Marine Science

English:  English I, English II, English III, English IV, Writing, Reading, Literature and Arts I & II

History:   World History, Economics, American Government, American History

Physical Ed:  Recreation, Personal Fitness, Volleyball, Softball, Basketball, First Aid Safety, Fitness Lifestyle Design

Foreign Language:  Spanish I

Electives:  Sociology, Peer Counseling, Leadership, Digital Information Technology, Psychology

Educational Objectives

  • To teach core concepts and abilities in the educational curriculum
  • To develop critical and creative thinking skills for making good, responsible choices
  • To develop social responsibilities, such as cooperation, respect for the rights of others and self, honesty and dependability.
  • To develop civic responsibility through teaching the basics of American government and good citizenship.
  • To increase parental involvement and participation in promoting the social, emotional and academic growth of students.
  • To develop awareness in the changing workplace skill critical to the students’ future economic well-being.
  • To strive for a safe and disciplined environment conducive to learning, free of drugs, alcohol, weapons and violence.



  • Eighty percent of students will increase their reading skills at least one grade level per year
  • Students will increase their standardized test scores by at least twenty percent.
  • At least seventy-five percent of students who enroll in ECS will remain in an educational setting seeking credits toward graduation.
  • Behavioral referrals will decrease by at least ten percent through strict enforcement of ECS’s discipline policy.
  • At least eighty percent of instructional and administrative staff will receive satisfactory annual evaluations.
  • Parental involvement will increase through personal communications.